I began seeing the world framed by a lens after graduate school, when I left Minnesota with a backpack to travel Asia and Europe for 5 years. I bought my first SLR in Hong Kong, where it became my steadfast companion, helping process novel and visually chaotic worlds.

Returning to Los Angeles immersed me in a world of visual entertainment, resulting in 23 years of work as a theme park attraction designer for Walt Disney Imagineering. In these experiences, as in all design, I value a spare but satisfying complexity.

A B.S. in biology, a M.A. in linguistics, and a lifetime of tromping thru the woods motivate my focus on natural subjects. I am particularly interested in isolating views of individual plants, revealing their fundamentals and suggesting hidden lives.  I hope that these deliberate compositions help reveal new meanings in familiar objects.

IMG_8595 self portrait crop


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